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Will Swarovski stop selling crystals?


Swarovski has decided to change its business strategy and will stop distributing loose components, crystals, beads and beads for resale in the middle of this year. Swarovski ends the sale of Swarovski Elements components, or if you want Swarovski Crystals, and will focus on its own production of luxury jewelry and cooperation with selected companies and fashion brands.

In other words, from July we will get a box from Swarovski stock, us as a retailer. You can read more about this decision in the article on Bloomberg, Crack in the Crystal Kingdom.

Of course, the background to this decision has a clear business logic, but that does not mean that we cannot cry because of it. Who would have thought that all that crystal beauty would not be available one day.

What does this mean for you?

For you this means that you can continue in buying beautiful Swarovski components without any limit, but already with the knowledge that it is "only until stocks run out", and they will gradually, but definitely, be thinned at all retailers.

In connection with the change in their business strategy, Swarovski also rapidly reduces number of items offered. Some items disappeared from the catalog almost immediately, so we can say goodbye forever to beautiful large Round Stone 1201 in the size of 27 mm. You won't find almost a bit with us and I think very soon nowhere else.

Of course, we will try to get as soon as possible as many supplies as possible, so that we can sell our beloved stones as long as possible, but our possibilities are not endless either.

The sale of many items ends on March 31, so we supply of ourselves, and we recommend the same to you, to both smaller and larger customers, because the most beautiful pieces disappear very quickly.

For a better idea, I present some of the most important items for us, the production of which Swarovski ends on March 31. We will sell them until stocks run out.

Rivoli Swarovski in sizes 6, 16 and 18 mm will not be produced any more.

Rivoli Swarovski 8, 10, 12 and 14mm will be discontinued in the following colors and finishes - Antique Pink, Blue Shade, Black Patina, Luminious Green, Paradise Shine, Rose Gold, Scarlet, Vitral Light, Vitrail Medium, White Patina, Jet Hematite, Blue Zircon, Blush Rose, Chrysolite, Fuchsia, Graphite, Light Peach, Light Turquoise, Majestic Blue, Olivine, Padparadscha, Smoked Topaz, Smoky Mauve, Tangerine, Topaz, Violet and Yellow Opal.

The production of 6228 hearts in these designs ends - Violet AB 14, Peridot AB 14 and 18, in all sizes then Light Sapphire Shimmer, Erinite Shimmer, Black Diamond Shimmer, Scarabeus Green, Rainbow Dark, Moonlight, etc.

The production of Baroque 6090 pendant will end, except of Crystal and Crystal AB, Pear pendant 6106 will be available in only a few designs and without plating. The Devoted 2You Heart 6261 pendant remains only in Crystal and Crystal AB, 6040 Helios will no longer be available in Golden Shadows, Paradise Shine, CAL and Vitrail medium. 6262 Miss You Heart, 6465 Queen Baguette, 6621 Twist, 6724 Sunshine, some 6670 De-Art colors such as Jet, Montana, Astral Pink, 6764 Four-leaf Clover, 6792 Infinity, etc. will no longer be produced.

Chessboard 2493 and all fancy stones such as 4139 Cosmic Ring and 4439 Square Ring ends. Star 4745 will no longer be available in Bermuda Blue, Vitrail Light and Vitrail Medium, Flower 4744 will not be produced any more. Artemis bead, so popular for making angels, Beetle Scarabeus or sewing hearts 3259 will no longer be produced.

And we could go on and on and on to the sad end of the dwindling catalog.

In any case, the purchase option of factory packs of the rest of Swarovski components ends in May.

If you produce jewelry with Swarovski Elements we recommend you pre-stocking, for example, by purchasing the entire Swarovski Elements factory packaging, which we offer for a wholesale price.

All you have to do is write an inquiry to our email and you will immediately receive a price offer.


Think carefully about your purchases so that you do not regret it.

There may be a replacement for Swarovski Crystals in the future, but certainly not to that extent and probably not even in this first-class quality, after all, they are the best stones in the world.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write or call us.

Have a nice time..

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