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Innovation Swarovski Crystals Fall Winter 2020

SWAROVSKI presents Fall/winter 2020/21 innovations

Swarovski is delighted to introduce its crystal innovations for Fall/Winter 2010/21. The theme is Love All, a reflection on the desire to give life more meaning and optimism and to prioritize how we feel over what we have.

The need for emotional connection has deepened our desire for the authentic and the real. This attitude is echoed in Fall/Winter 2020/21’s aptly-named theme, Love All, and summed up in four moods: Then & Now explores the sensuous sophistication of reworked Forties-inspired vintage; Extreme & Casual embraces a new relaxed extravagance; Modern & Romantic unveils the charm of tender elegance; and Wild & Chic unlocks the power of untamed femininity. All for the love of crystal.

Innovations Fall/Winter 2020/21

Epitomizing the Love All theme for Fall/Winter 2020/21, romantic symbols with enduring significance take centerstage. None symbolizes this more powerfully than the latest Heart Cut Pendant. After seasons of unisex fashion, this gemstone-inspired, multilayered cut leads the return to sensuous sophistication. Available in three sizes, fifteen colors, and six effects.  

Recalling the fabulous Forties, the new Fantasy Fancy Stone combines that era’s elegant daywear and sartorial chic with a thoroughly contemporary sensibility. Ultra-brilliant, with slim proportions and a new irregular cut, it comes in classic Cushion and Hexagon shapes, answering the demand for jewelry and accessories with a heritage feel.

In a move away from the muted gender-neutral tones of previous seasons, the newest candy-colored Crystal LacquerPRO DeLite effects palette celebrates the power of modern femininity and gives a nod to the no-label generation. Romantic yet strong, with highlighted facets emphasizing depth and clarity, they harmonize beautifully with existing shades.

Introducing a shock of neon-bright color to the Crystal Electric LacquerPRO family, the electrifying brilliance of the new Crystal Electric Violet comes from a lacquer coating containing UV pigments that make it glow under light. This subtly references the artificial hues generated by the screen-based technology that dominates modern life.

Mysterious and moody, Crystal Mulberry Pink Pearl and Crystal Elderberry Pearl are inspired by the wild outdoors and nature’s bounty. Their sumptuous berry tones reinforce the importance of organic influences in design as an antidote to the digital world. Mix and match with the new DeLite effects as well as other Crystal Pearls.

Iridescent Shimmer effects radiate multiple shades of a single color in an enigmatic blend of softness and intensity inspired by the Aurora Borealis. Perfect for sophisticated tone-on-tone designs, the Rose Peach Shimmer effect is now available for Beads, Pendants, Flat Backs and Sew-on Stones, as well as additional Shimmer line extensions for Beads.


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